Monday, December 4, 2006

Nat, not Cannonball

I came across Nat Adderley's album Work Song at the Santa Clara Public Library today when I was supposed to be studying corporate finance. I did manage to hold onto the CD, get my homework completed and return home before popping it into my laptop for a listen. I have to say that I'm pleasantly suprised. Great assists from some of his friends: Wes Montgomery (guitar), Boby Timmons (piano), Sam Jones (bass) and Louis Hayes (drums). I really dig the early '60's stuff. This album was recorded in 1960 in New York. I haven't come across much that I don't like when Wes steps in and lends a hand on his guitar. What a sweet sounding addition. This gig is fairly unique in that the band is fronted by a coronet, guitar and a bass (sometimes a cello). Maybe I'm missing something but I don't hear a coronet much in the jazz I'm listening to most. The only other coronet player I'm familiar with is Don Cherry and I think he played something called a pocket trumpet. Speaking of which, I've heard some great stuff from Cherry and I love his improv. Who'd a thunk he would have a son called Eagle-Eye?

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