Saturday, December 2, 2006

William Ash on The Fast Track

Recently I was listening to some new artists on my Yahoo Music Jukebox and came across a fine young guitarist named William Ash.

At first glance, it looked like he had three albums available:
Ballads for Bill and Joe, Broadway Alley and The Long Road. Not so, he has many more, and from what I can tell, all of them sound great. Ballads for Bill and Joe has some great performances...standout sax player Joey Cavaseno and Ash set a collaborative standard set for two. Ash is defenitely worth checking out if you appreciate great jazz guitar and are curious about what the next round of masters are bringing to the table. Haven't heard of Cavaseno? Me either. I was pleased to learn of his album Tribute to Evanescence. More albums and artists for me to check out. If any of you have heard this dynamo's album, drop a comment.

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