Friday, December 8, 2006

Man Bites Dog or I Found a Tuba

Sonofagun. I found a tuba playing...bebop. Max Roach's You Stepped Out of A Dream on his Deeds, Not Words Album. Unbelievable. I wasn't paying attention and caught myself thinking that I heard a tuba...playing something other than the normal umpah pah pah. Not bad, actually. I love Max Roach. He's one hip drummer and working with Clifford Brown on so many of his albums was no mistake. If you haven't heard a tuba play jazz, you gotta check this out.

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Michael K. said...

One of John Coltrane's Prestige recordings from the mid-50's: a date as sideman with a tuba player named Ray Draper who, believe it or not, plays bebop tuba. I think it's just called "Ray Draper Quintet". Two tunes from the album are also available on the CD issue of Coltrane's "The Believer." I hate tuba too, and the two tracks I heard on the Believer are just awful. Trane plays a decent solo on one, but as for Ray, well, I can't help laughing.