Saturday, December 9, 2006

Never Does a Body Wrong

Gloomy weather today in San Jose. Another rainy December bringing Christmas a bit closer. It makes me want to play something either very ballad-esque or something snappy. Jazz in general is very good, but Bebop never does a body wrong. I'll go for Ornette Coleman (Shape of Jazz to Come) or something else a little on the Avante-garde side to blow the grey away--give me some hard bop, Modern Jazz, Avante-garde--styles of jazz. I'm still working on distinguishing some of the stuff. Rather than looking at something on the everyday side, let's look at holiday stuff to bring in the season. A favorite again, for me, this year has been Diana Krall's Christmas Songs CD. Although a close second was brought into the house this year: Harry Connick, Jr.'s Harry for The Holidays. He's actually a great composer and lights a fire unders some old favorites.

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